EXTREME TREKS (S3) - 8 x 1hr documentary series - BBC EARTH

EXTREME TREKS is an outdoor adventure documentary series which has produced more than 20 hours of programming distributed on BBC Earth, OUTSIDE TV (U.S.A.), TRAVEL CHANNEL (CHINA), SOHU TV (CHINA)

David has been involved since it’s inception as Writer / Post-Production Supervisor / Editor / Producer

EXTREME TREKS (Season 3) follows adventurer Ryan Pyle as journeys to Russia, Iceland, Laos, Papua New Guinea, Bolivia, Argentina, Jordan and Uganda exploring the unique landscapes, cultures, history, wildlife and challenges to be found on foot.

Now on BBC Earth - Extreme Treks - Season #3. This 8 x 60min series follows adventurer and photographer Ryan Pyle to the furthest and most remote corners of the world in the name of natural and cultural exploration, and of course some brilliant landscapes.

Season 3 premieres on BBC Earth Sept. 2019

Production: Ryan Pyle Productions

Distribution: TCB Media / BBC EARTH



Premiere dates:

EP 1 Russia - 17th Sept.

EP 2 Iceland - 24th Sept.

EP3 Papua New Guinea - 1st Oct.

EP 4 Laos - 8th Oct.

Extreme Treks - Season (S3) Opening Titles.

EP 5 Argentina - 15th Oct.

EP 6 Bolivia - 22nd Oct.

EP 7 Jordan - 29th Oct.

EP 8 Uganda - 5th Nov


Productions Executive Producer: Ryan Pyle

Producer: David Harris

Director of Photography: Chad Ingraham

Second Camera Operator: Jesse Rosenberg

Editor: David Harris

Music: Peter Hobbs

Production Coordinator: Ryan Pyle

Post-Production Supervisor: David Harris

Featuring: Ryan Pyle

Cast: Ryan Pyle

Special Thanks: Ryan Pyle, Chad Ingraham, Jesse Rosenberg, David Harris